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Our Services

Our Services

1stop Residential concierges

1stop services are the one of the premier service provider who first in Kolkata who will also provide this 1stop Solution to all the residence & apartments members. Now day’s members are not available to their residence for the entire day. For those we are perfect Service brand also those who need their work to be done, but don’t have the time & channel agents to process those work. We increase the residence value by proving the 1stop solution to the residence member. We build trust by providing all services at a single contact. This section of our service is dedicated for residential apartments. We have tied up with various residential societies, and you can get a complete list of the apartments we serve in various locations by getting in touch with our service managers.

The services we offer under this head are:


The best part about our residential concierge services is that they are completely flexible. You can customize the services to suit your timing, as well as frequency of service. The charges for our residential concierge services are competitive, as we charge you according to the hours spent and scope of work. If you are hiring our services as a group for a number of apartments, then you can also avail bulk booking discounts. For details of each service and placing an order.

For any residential concierges related queries feel free to drop us a mail at customercare@1stopservices.co.in