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About Us

Our History

1stop services are the premier service provider based out in Kolkata. We provide 1stop Solution to all corporate & non corporate companies. We are the 1st in service provider business that will provide the services to residential & apartments based out in Kolkata. Started in 2012 less than 3 year we have emerged as a strategic partner for our clients (corporate& non corporate brands) located in Pan India.

We work with you to develop unique approaches and programs that deliver value and best suit your business and for your employees and clients.

Our team delivers a complete range of products and services, Placement for Steel, Automation, Manufacturing, engineering, IT non IT field, from travel and dining, Providing facility services to clients, to event ticketing and planning. This is done by our dedicated, experts & dedicated team network of the State finest and most sophisticated purveyors of lifestyle services. And it’s all provided in a way that transparently articulates and celebrates your brand, strengthening your valuable relationships and bringing you closer to the people that are most important to you.

What We Do


We explore conversations, relationships, innovations, and possibilities, resulting in the greatest benefit to our customers. We are open-minded and challenge our assumptions to ensure we are providing exceptional service.

Dare to Excel

We achieve excellence by creating an environment where adventure, risk taking and skillful action are encouraged and expected. We are motivated by courage, peer support and the pursuit of excellence in all things.


We always try to provide the best service to getting the client & customer Trust.


We always believe each & individual thought & understand the Value & save their money & time.

Create Relationships

We nurture long lasting relationships with our partners. Collaboration, teamwork and a valuable dialogue engender excellence in every interaction.

Focus on What Matters

We are deeply committed to the needs of our customers. We prioritize what is important, we do the right thing, and we hold ourselves accountable.

It is our pleasure to serve them with our dedicated time frame with quality response and service.

We started our branches in Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur and Mumbai in 2014. We will be covering all the major cities by eoy 2016.

Our Client